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Holt Renfrew Men's store aisle
  • Client

    Holt Renfrew

  • Market


  • Budget

    $1 Million

  • Location

    Toronto ON

  • Architect

    Chorny Architect

  • Size

    10,000 sqft.

  • Delivery Models

    Bid Build

Toronto ON

Holt Renfrew Men’s

Located in the heart of Yorkville, Holt Renfrew Men’s 100 Bloor St. West was required to evoke luxury. Rochon Building Corporation fitted the development with marble flooring, silk wall finishes, luxury wood cabinetry, herringbone maple-flooring, custom wool carpets, light

fixtures, railings, and tempered glass panels. The quality and strict attention to detail in this project was crucial, as it was meant to symbolize the status of the client and reflect the dedication to quality, whether that be through their products or the facility in which they are sold in.

Holt Renfrew Men's stairwell
Holt Renfrew Men's seating
Holt Renfrew Mens suit display
split frame of Holt Renfrew Mens store
Display wall of shoes in Holt Renfrew Mens store
Holt renfrew accessories display units
Holt renfrew overview of store

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