Adidas ‘Halo’ Concept Store - adidas-facade


Adidas Canada Inc.




$3+ Million


CF Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON


Core Architects Inc.


15,000+ Sq. ft. Sales area and basement warehouse


Lump sum bid (CCDC 2).

Adidas ‘Halo’ Concept Store

The German multinational company adidas known for its sportswear, will open its first large-format ‘halo’ store in Canada this summer in downtown Toronto. Rochon Building Corporation is proud to announce that we have been selected to construct this flagship store, designed by CORE Architects.

The halo concept store merges several of the Adidas subbrands under one roof while also offering an immersive customer experience. Technology in the halo stores include immersive RFID powered fitting rooms, digital walls displaying products such as footwear and smart ‘bring it to me’ app feature.

The Adidas store will span more than 12,600 square feet, and will open at CF Toronto Eaton Centre in a retail space once occupied by Forever 21 on the mall’s second level.

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