Colliers Distribution Centre - Building Projects by Rochon Building Corporation.


Colliers Project Leaders


Industrial / Distribution


$16+ Million


Toronto, Vaughan, Kitchener, ON


Kingsland + Architects


160,000 Sq. ft. (3 buildings)


Bid Build

Colliers Projects Leaders Distribution Centres (Canada Post Facilities)

Colliers Project Leaders contracted Rochon Building Corporation to construct three new federal mail distribution centres—one located in downtown Toronto, the second in Vaughan, and the third in Kitchener, Ontario.

Rochon Building Corporation constructed three sorting facilities, two from the ground up in Toronto and Vaughan, and a renovation/addition in Kitchener to expand mail distribution capacity in response to growing e-commerce demands.

Each project presented unique challenges, from contaminated soil to unforeseen building conditions, but with each we were able to deliver facilities to the full satisfaction of both our client and the end user.

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