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Models Of Delivery

With the needs of each client varying, Rochon Building Corporation has successfully delivered high quality projects ranging from full-on construction management to traditional vehicles. We lead our clients through the pre-construction, construction and post-construction. However you decide to build a project, you will benefit from Rochon’s undivided attention and personal touch.

Lawrence Allen centre atrium

Bid Build

With a number of successful bid build operations under our belt, we are extremely confident in our competitive prices, and ability to fully build a wide spectrum of building types.

Merceds-Benz flagship dealership construction

Construction Management

Our knowledgeable and reliable construction team will guide you and your team through the entire construction process including value engineering, planning, design, construction to ensure its timely completion.

Playdium bid build

Design Build

One of the more traditional and common delivery methods, Rochon Building Corporation is proud to offer competitive pricing and extremely high quality work to bring to life your company’s and outside designer’s vision..

Why Choose Rochon
Building Corporation?

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At Rochon, we put a tremendous amount of focus on maintaining and developing repeat business. What we value and what our client’s value is an honest and completely transparent business relationship. We’ve created a culture that encourages everyone to look for ways to exceed expectations and add value throughout the process.

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Martin J Rochon, President

Colliers Distribution Centre Toronto Ontario

Constructability Reviews

Determining exactly what the client’s goals and requirements are for a project is extremely important to us. During this process, we will carefully analyse any and all specifications, ideas and drawings while simultaneously outlining potential risks and errors.

College Park Metro Food Aisle 2

Post Construction

Our services do not end or begin with the development of a project from the ground up. We will work with and assess your existing infrastructure to properly measure employable fixes and updates. Our services do not end once the initial construction process is complete.

on site construction operations

Value Engineering

We have the expertise to quickly construct the base building with high quality engineering tactics and a reliable team. Included in this are methods of time and cost reduction, efficiently using resources, and improving all around product quality.

Front pathway of the Bellwood Health and Wellness Centre

Sustainable Building

We understand how important the environment is and we are dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible without hindering the quality of our work. Building for the future equates with building sustainably and minimizing potential waste and impacts Rochon Building Corporation may have on the environment.

Play Station at Playdium in Brampton

Budgeting & Cost Control

Our teams are fully transparent with our clients and will work with you and your budget to develop the most cost effective strategies. With our years of experience we can anticipate issues that might arise and make adjustments accordingly.

The Beginning of Construction at Windfield Farms


Our people comprehend that a project needs to be pushed at a certain pace in order to meet client schedules and allow the time to provide quality finishes and any possible changes the client may require.

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Working with your team is always a pleasure. Whether a brownfield development of a vanilla shell leasing space or a detailed and phased fit-out the team is customer focused and project success oriented. I am looking forward to our next project together.

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Greystone, Director of Projects

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