Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rochon Building Corporation.

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We’re on a journey to become Canada’s most diverse, inclusive and accessible construction company. Rochon Building Corporation is committed to represent the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a work environment that embraces the uniqueness of individuals. We further commit to model those principles in our own workplace and ensure our consultants meet that same uniqueness and representation.

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Diversity consists of the conditions, expressions, and experiences of different individuals. It encompasses the unique qualities and characteristics that we all possess.

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Equity means that people of all identities are treated fairly. Their individual rights, responsibilities and opportunities are not dependent upon identity.

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Inclusion is the cultivation of an environment in which all people are respected, where their differences are celebrated, and where they all have access to the same opportunities.

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Building a truly inclusive culture doesn’t happen by accident. It must be deliberate – the collective result of the actions we take every day: how we recruit, promote, and support our colleagues; market and promote our services; and partner with communities. Together they drive meaningful impact and change.

Martin Rochon, President.

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We value diversity, equity, and inclusion because every person has a right to equal treatment. Our organization, as well as our clients, are strengthened by diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

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Our goals are to foster a diverse and inclusive environment for our clients, with our strategic partners and other stakeholders by being proactive in eliminating barriers faced by equity-seeking groups. We will develop, implement, and maintain products and services that support the principles of DEI. We will continuously address issues related to equity-seeking groups that include, but are not limited to, those represented by race, sex, age, physical disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity, and socioeconomic status.

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We act by educating, advocating and providing guidance and counsel on DEI. We will actively work to recognize, develop and promote initiatives towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in our own policies, processes and procedures. All DEI efforts will be data driven and guided by evidence of successful approaches that act to remove barriers to inclusion.

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Rochon Building Corporation is currently establishing and maintaining relationships with connections from a broad range of diverse communities, where we have developed both informal and formal networks of potential candidates for roles within our organization.

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