On-site safety is a main priority for Rochon Building Corporation. We act in accordance with this by executing all safety procedures as part of our Health and Safety Policy.

Embedded within our culture

Over the years, Rochon has established a reputation for safety which we strive to enhance every day. We adopt a dynamic and proactive approach towards employee safety to achieve this.

Zero Harm

Our goal of zero incidents is achieved through a comprehensive system of guidelines, policies, procedures, and practices at every level of operation. Every day, we ensure all employees working inside and outside our offices return home in the same state they arrived for work.

Safety Assessments

We have bolstered our practices and focus on safety by participating in regular assessments by ContractorCheck, ComplyWorks, and ISNetWorld.


COR Certified

Rochon Building Corporation is COR certified, meaning the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety association has recognized our dedication to health and safety. Being COR Certified is incredibly important to Rochon, as a tangible proof of our commitment to ensuring we provide a safe worksite for all of our employees, partners, and the general public.